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Welcome to the Covid-19 Dental Recovery Marathon 2020

My week has been populated with feedback from clients who went back to work on Monday to train and/or see real patients.

In summary:

  1. Give yourself more time than you think in the first few days to get used to the new way of working;

  2. Give your team even more time;

  3. Whether it's PPE or enhanced PPE, it's strange, uncomfortable and cannot be tolerated for long periods of time;

  4. You are going to run at a financial loss to start with so get over it;

  5. Make sure your morning huddles gather feedback;

  6. Be a leader and heap praise on your team;

  7. Patients don't always read/follow instructions, so be ready for those who just walk through the door and ignore social distancing rules;

  8. By Friday evening you are going to completely knackered and a little poorer.

However, you will have made a start on what is going to be a dental marathon.

Beginning game (June, July, August) - warming up sets of muscles and bits of brain that have either been resting for 12 weeks or have never been used before.

Middle game (September, October, November) - establishing a steady cadence and pace.

End game (December, January, February) - doffing for good, picking up the pace, fighting the mental game of overcoming fatigue (don't give up now!), enjoying the rush of adrenalin as you hear the crowd at the finish line, crossing the line, getting the medal and the shirt, having a cry (of relief), promising yourself that you'll never do that again, having a holiday, starting to train for the next marathon.

You'll be back in 2021.

You have all of this to come - either now or over the weeks ahead (principalities move the months forward - p.s. congrats to Wales).

I've completed 34 marathons (so far) and every one of them hurt.

Running marathons successfully is about:

  1. getting the training miles in your legs;

  2. adequate nutrition, rest and sleep;

  3. pace not race;

  4. winning the mental game.

Welcome to the Covid-19 Dental Recovery Marathon 2020.

It's an event that will only ever take place once in your lifetime and, having completed it, you will display that medal with pride for the rest of your life.

The good news is, your mind will obliterate all the painful memories and retain only the good ones.

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