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Welcome to Cheshire, the dental marketing desert

We moved in to a new-build home on 6th November last year in Hartford, Cheshire.

Our house is part of a substantial development and one of a number of such developments in the area.

As we meet our new neighbours, we discover that a significant proportion have relocated from South Manchester for a better quality of life and house prices that are up to 40% cheaper than those just 10 miles further North.

Our community seems to be a combination of young or established families and baby-boomers like me.

The cars that commute in and out every morning are of pretty good quality.

The local private and state schools have a good reputation.

We are superbly located for rail, air and road transport.

The local countryside is beautiful and offers a dazzling choice of country pubs, restaurants and leisure activities.

It's a really nice post code.

I'm surrounded by literally hundreds of high quality potential new patients.

Why, then, have I not yet received any marketing literature from the surrounding dental practices?

Too full? Too busy? Doing too well?

Or, maybe, just not thinking seriously about their marketing.

Sometimes, a simple leaflet drop is all it takes.

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