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We all need a coach

An interesting post in his own blog by my client and friend Simon Reilly over in Vancouver about the benefits of our coaching call on Tuesday. Which is ironic because yesterday I asked my good friend Simon Hocken to coach me on my business planning for the next 12 months. There is a danger that this is sounding like some sort of paper-chain of coaches coaching coaches – and I know that a lot of cash changes hands in the global coaching community this way, with the cynics suggesting that coaches are coaching coaches because they can’t find any other clients! I suspect like all good cynical assumptions, there is an element of truth. Well I have plenty of clients thank you – and I happen to know that both Simons do as well. But what I needed was an informed and objective view of my professional evolution and I knew I would get that from Simon Hocken because:

  1. He has known me for 8 years;

  2. He never accepts my b/s;

  3. He ran 2 succesful dental practices for 20 years and knows the business of dentistry and what dentists want;

  4. He is a trained, qualified and experienced coach.

Pretty good credentials – and the proof of that pudding was an excellent conversation, masterfully directed. As the clock struck 5.00pm, over 7 hours of conversation suddenly came into focus and a mental log-jam that has plagued me since March this year was swept away. Today I am going to continue that conversation, moving from strategy to tactics. I could not do this without a coach in attendance.

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