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August in Cheshire and the farmers are busy bringing in the crops.

In his famous book “The 7 habits of highly effective people”, Stephen Covey talks about “harvest time” – when you drop everything to complete a project because it’s important, urgent and must be done in order to move you to your next level in life.

Right now its harvest time in my life – I’m working flat out on projects, both personal and professional, that will set the scene for the next 5/10 years.

I’ve written already about some dark clouds that lay ahead on that journey but I’ve seldom been so wired in my life and so focused on a bigger future.

2 weeks now until Annie and I take some time out to visit Tanzania, first to spend some quality time together and then to visit with dear friends.

I’m counting the days – we all do when it’s that close – but also conscious that the adventure of life has its ups and downs – and that when you are in the zone, it is good to take a moment to enjoy the journey.

I’ve just finished 3 hours in The Bunker, organising my personal finances and domestic mail, entering the Barcelona Marathon next March 2015 and taking a look at the next 6 months.

That process will continue tomorrow when I take my annual planning day to look at my calendar for 2015, book free time first, Bunker Days second and delivery days last. I’ll also be reviewing my personal cash flows for 2015 and looking at what I need to sell, to earn, to invest in my future.

We are all masters of our own destiny.

Planning time is there to allow us to think and plan.

Harvest time is there to allow us to gather, sustain and store for the future all the resources we will need on the journey.

P.S. in a world of imperfection, having a plan and getting 80% of it complete is better than having no plan.

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