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Another 05:00 start and day 6 of 8 days on the road and away from home. Thursday always seems to be the morning that hurts the most.

I loved this Antarctic Memorial on the quayside of Cardiff Bay as I ran yesterday morning.

From this location, Captain Scott set off for his last expedition and the grey skies and blustery wind seemed an appropriate setting for the stark, white tiles of the statue.

The expression of this fictional explorer resonated with me – the gritty determination to never give up – no matter how harsh the conditions.

To push through the pain.

The belief that “it will not last forever”.

Scott may not have made it to the end of his journey but the heroism of his team became a symbol for those with fading hope in terrible conditions.

I often meet with people who are carrying what seem to be immense burdens and I’m honoured when they share them in confidence with me.

You and I have felt the same weight at some times in our lives.

I feel that, in future, when I’m experiencing “the pain” – I will look at this photograph, remember what the memorial symbolises – and hunker down to finish the marathon of life.

Off for a run around the streets of London shortly and then another extremely busy day of client meetings and a working dinner with a great friend – I’ll be back late to my hotel room.

I know that the people I meet today will inspire me and remind me that I am very lucky to do what I do, when I do it and with whom. Tom Morris’s definition of “True Success”.

If you are carrying a burden today – remember that it never lasts forever – it will end – push through the pain.

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