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So I said:

  1. I want to work for 40 weeks a year and take 12 weeks vacation

  2. I want the whole of February each year to be included in those 12 weeks

  3. I want 3 weeks off every August in the 12

  4. I want 2 weeks off every Christmas/New Year in the 12

  5. I want the rest of the vacation weeks to be evenly spaced during the year

  6. In the 40 weeks I work I want every Monday to be a Buffer Day – available for 7connections Board meetings, team meetings and marketing meetings – no client conversations except for genuine emergencies

  7. I want to be at The Dentistry Show, The BDA Conference, Dentistry Live!, The Showcase and the BACD Conference every year to network or speak (if I’m asked)

  8. I accept that I will work 9 Saturdays a year – firstly at the above conferences and secondly, 4 leadership days a year with our Top 20 Club

  9. After my Buffer Mondays, 4 days a week will be focused – that means 4 x 40 + 4 Saturdays = 164 days a year with clients (but see below)

  10. I want you to organise an away-trip for the 7connections team every year, so that we can fly to a European destination and have some fun

  11. I have agreed with Tim Caudrelier that, twice a year, he will visit the Top 20 Club clients – and that will give me 2 months a year to think, research, connect, write and create content for clients use

  12. I want to keep on working long hours and putting in endless travelling during the working weeks – because I love my job

  13. I want to keep on arriving at rail stations, airports, cab ranks, restaurants, conference centres, post-graduate facilities and meetings, knowing that I just have to appear and everything will be taken care of

  14. I want to carry on telling the world that if they want a conversation with me in the flesh or digitally, all they need to do is contact you – because you ARE my calendar

  15. I want you to carry on organising all of my client meetings to ensure that everyone is happy and that my journeys are effective and effecient 

  16. I want you to carry on ensuring that all the back-office stuff of my business life just gets done and done well

  17. I want the clients to keep on telling me that you are totally professional, pleasant and a pleasure to deal with – and an ambassador for our company. That they wish they had someone like you

And my Essential PA said:

“Ok, no problem, leave it with me, I’ll get it sorted.”

Following which, we enjoyed a lovely dinner, had a good old natter and I went to bed last night knowing that my life is sorted for the next 2 years and beyond.

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