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2 more days to go before I close the office down and depart for Tanzania and 2 weeks off the grid.

Apart from some relentless rainstorms, I think we’ve had a lovely summer so far in the UK but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to some proper sun.

After my experiences in February on “a certain Island”, I thought beach holidays might be off the agenda for a while…..

…but the attraction of blue sky, azure sea and the tropics has proved irresistible, although I’m hoping that catching and killing my dinner and using the woods as a toilet won’t be necessary this time.

Slightly concerned that I may repeat the sleep-walking that accompanied my return home in March.

One of the most pleasurable developments of the last month or so has been getting my trainers back on seriously and clocking up some early morning running miles in a variety of domestic and European locations.

I simply love the freedom and purity of the dawn – have never worn earplugs in over 30 years of jogging and marathon training, preferring to take in the sights and sounds of the world around me – sunshine, rain or frost – it matters not.

The world is a lovely place when the sun rises and sets.

On that Island I witnessed some beautifully calm mornings and 28 magnificent sunsets as a golden orb sank into The Pacific.

In Tanzania I expect to do the same – the sun rise and the sunset are primeavaly grounding – in them we glimpse our roots as a species.

Where better to see them than in the very place that mankind was born.

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