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Another superb owner-managed business bites the dust, with the news that Dental Directory has been acquired by Carlyle/IDH.

I recall a conversation at the last Showcase, during which I listened attentively to a detailed conversation about the supply-side of dentistry – and heard that 76% of all purchases in British dentistry were from either Henry Schein or Dental Directory (leaving not much room for all the other exhibitors).

I had the pleasure of working with the DD team twice in the last 5 years, once in conjunction with the launch of Centre for Dentistry (a.k.a. practices in Sainsbury) and secondly (thankfully briefly) with the ill-fated BKH.

They are a fantastic team  – and I’ll hold my breath for them as corporate ownership wreaks its possible consequences.

Listen – I’m all for innovation, risk and entrepreneurship.

Gerber teaches us that the reason you open a proper business is to sell it.

I’m equally determined to stay as positive as I can at all times.

I hope, hope, hope that the DD team keep their humanity and their sense of humour – unlike many of their predecessors in dentistry who, after mega-corp acquisition, say “au-revoir” to their risk-takers and raconteurs, then “good morning” to middle-managers whose mantra is “don’t make a mistake”.

Fingers crossed in anticipation of mature change management.

p.s. I trust the owners have had a pay day – they deserve it.

p.p.s. for the smaller supply companies out there – don’t miss the opportunity to send your BOPP sales people in.

(Bold, Outrageous, Provocative Personality)

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