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So my week of semi-convalescence is coming to an end and I want to thank all of those who have altered their diaries and accommodated me this last 5 days.

This morning I woke feeling quite like Coach Barrow for the first time and less like a Casualty extra.

Evidence being that Annie let me out at lunchtime and I’ve been working at Hale Cafe and Costa (photo) most of the afternoon, albeit with Jon and Rachel as orderlies.

Still not totally fixed – the occasional dizzy spell, quick to tire, needing more sleep than usual and unable to face the idea of any physical exercise – certainly until the metal is out of my head and I’m not worried that what brains I have are going to fall out if I go jogging.

I’m at the bottom of my email in-box and simultaneously aware of my announcement during Episode 6 of The Island that there was more to life than that.  All in good time.

The show must go on for the moment and I have a duty of care to my clients and my fellow team members at 7connections to KOKO.

It has been a very busy week for new clients – we are the beneficiaries of a steady stream of enquiries from those who need help (even in the last 5 days) with:

  1. marketing for an old established family practice

  2. start-up plans for an implantologist associate who dreams of doing his own thing

  3. growth strategies for a 3-year old private squat that has hit a ceiling of complexity

  4. a former client who wants advice on how to grow a cosmetic ortho division as an addition to his existing product mix

  5. existing 7connections clients who are looking for our help in building lead generation systems

  6. those who are curious about MagicBox

  7. a pot pourri of innovators in dental supplies and services who have great ideas but limited financial resources and capital

Notwithstanding my bouts of physical instability, I’ve mainly had enough of being grounded now and very keen to get back out on the road next week, starting with a 7connections marketing team meeting in Liverpool on Monday and then off to Yorkshire, East Scotland, Dorset, Nottinghamshire and London before spending Saturday shooting the breeze and networking at Dentistry Live in Westminster.

I love my home life and my holidays but I’m a road warrior at heart, destined to roam and thrilled at the prospect of the surprises in store next week, the new relationships formed, existing friendships confirmed and at reading the profession’s pulse at the conference.

Although The Island has finished now – there are still some ripples in the fabric of my life – a couple of show-related events are looming in the calendar and I’ll let you know more when they are official.

For now – I’m just about to gingerly walk home and prepare for one last call with a prospective new client at 17:15 before closing down for another quiet night in.

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