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This year is far from over for me. There is stormy weather ahead.

Yet 2014 has already been one of my best ever years, with The Island experience, the buzz around the TV show, two dental books published, 7connections booming and a real sense that I am part of a team who are building a scaleable business in coaching, marketing and lead generation.

Much to look forward to as well.

My calendar is as busy as I could have wished for, I’m meeting with lawyers later this week to discuss an exciting new book project, Annie and I have an amazing trip to Africa planned in August, and the vision we have for the business is compelling.

Even 2015 is beginning to take shape in some very interesting and different ways.

So why stormy weather?

Well the reality is that the shock waves from my previous and catastrophic business venture in 2012 are yet to pass – there is still water running under that bridge – and it is shark-infested. They have smelled my blood and want to attack. I intend to keep you posted on developments there – so stay tuned over the months ahead.

Having said all that – I am in perhaps the happiest place I’ve been for many years – happy with self, family, friends, colleagues and clients to an extent that fills me with a golden glow.

So the predators can hunt and snap – I feel impervious.

Last week I was sat in The Bunker, feeling sorry for myself with a head full of staples – and took the opportunity to re-connect with one of my oldest friends. 

Like all really best friends, we connect infrequently and yet pick up every time as if no more than a day or two has passed.

The big difference this time (we have known each other for 17 years) is that she is fighting breast cancer – has just finished chemo and is heading to radiotherapy next.

A young mother of two small children, a successful author and speaker with an international reputation in her field and a profitable growing business.

I listened to the story of her last 9 months, the challenges she has faced with an indomitable spirit – and I felt humbled by her courage, embarrassed at my own paltry injury and reminded that health, relationships and happiness are the only assets we have that are of any value.

My future challenges became nothing more than irritations.

It doesn’t matter how much money we accumulate, how many possessions we parade down the village street or how many places we lay our heads.

What matters most is the humanity we can show to each other.

I suspect that’s what I am so happy at the moment – because I’m doing what I love to do, when I love doing it, with the people I love being around.

Who could ask for more?

Bring on the storms – they will pass.

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