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This is the last of my personal blog posts that will appear on the Tumblr platform.

“Letters from an imperfectionist” will continue – but as a sub-brand appearing within the 7connections blog on the business of dentistry.

So the good news (I hope) is that you will still be able to read my reflections, rants and reveals as I make way may through MY imperfect life in OUR imperfect world.

Each of the “letters” will carry a warning that the views expressed are those of Chris Barrow the private individual and not necessarily those of 7connections – my partners and colleagues in the company are OK with that.


It’s all about social media engagement. 

We are going to get a lot bigger as a company over the next few years (although not, I insist, less personable – if we ever start sounding like a corporate, someone please punch me in the throat).

If you have two blogs, two web sites or two of anything – you dilute your reach and potentially confuse an audience that are already drowning in media.

We want as many people as possible to read our content – not just because we want to do business but because we believe our content is really useful (that’s the message we get from our fans).

My “letters” are, of course, a catharsis but I get constant feedback from readers to say that vulnerable honesty about my shortcomings and obsessive disorders gives them the confidence to face their own.

This blog will stay around for a while – there are 100+ posts here and you never know when someone might stumbl (sic) across them.

But, to continue reading, please switch to:

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