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UAP’s in dentistry

So what would they be? We have to start by considering what the uninformed patient is looking for I want to feel happier and more confident because:

  1. I have an end to discomfort

  2. I have a whiter smile

  3. I have straighter teeth

  4. I have more or fewer teeth

  5. I have no metal in my mouth

  6. I am able to keep my own teeth

  7. I have replaced my dentures

  8. I have fresh breath

  9. I have very few visits to my dentist

  10. I can afford what I have bought

There’s a top 10 list if ever I saw one.What we have to do is now attempt to fit that list into a series of Unique Ability® processes that will differentiate you from the competition and avoid the commodity trap.Help!

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