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Two Reds are Better Than One: The Podcast - The Farmah brothers - three years of transformation

Discover how two brothers bought an orthodontic practice & transformed it into a beautiful multi-disciplinary business in just three years (with Covid thrown in for good measure)

Rohit and Karan Farmah, are young dentists on a serious mission.

They purchased a traditional orthodontic practice in Birmingham three years ago, during this time, they have re-branded and now House of Dental takes referrals from dentists in the area.

They cover every dental speciality within the Practice and have achieved so much in such a short period of time.

There have been plenty of ups and downs; many challenging moments where they have had to really dig deep and work round the clock to get to where they are now.

Rohit and Karan were extremely generous with their time in this conversation and also share many of their insights; have a big pad and pen to write down all the ideas you will get from this 45 minute interview.

In this episode, you will discover;

  • Why their partnership has worked so well and the skill sets needed when you are buying a Practice;

  • The importance of delegation and letting go. What you as a boss need to concentrate on;

  • Why you need a superb Practice Manager on board;

  • The recruitment of a ' Referral Manager' an innovation in the business of dentistry;

  • How to get your team on board with your vision and why it is so important when you are buying a dental practice;

  • What qualities are important when you are recruiting and how to do it right first time;

  • The mistakes made when buying a new practice and the lessons learnt;

  • Why it is important to make decisions quickly - the seven day rule;

  • The importance of commanding and earning respect.


Listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast player or using our widget below.

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