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Turning the tables on interview questions

A member of The Extreme Business 100 recently asked me:

"If you were a prospective employee, do you have a question list that needs answering by a future Employer so that you can sort out the good from the bad? What would be on that question list ? This would be really helpful in preparing us for interviews."

My first thought was "how optimistic a request", supposing that interviewees usually arrive with a list of questions that went beyond:

  • "How much?"

  • "What are the hours?"

  • "What is the holiday entitlement?"

  • "When would I start?"

Is that me being a little too cynical?

In the rose-tinted world of well-prepared interview candidates, perhaps we could hope for:

  • "What career prospects do I have ahead of me and how would I progress?"

  • "Who will be my direct line manager and what is their experience?"

  • "When and how will my performance and behaviour be appraised?'

  • "What is your agenda for training and development this year?"

  • "Does the practice have a clear policy on the environment and sustainability?"

  • "Do you support the community and charities?"

  • "Will I be granted time for lifelong learning?"

Can you think of any more?

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