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True Success

From today's "Daily Stoic" reading:

"Slavery resides under marble and gold" - Seneca.

I don't think that hard work and long hours qualify as "slavery", unless you are doing the wrong things.

One of my favourite all-time books is "True Success : a new philosophy of excellence" by Tom Morris.

As well as a beginner's guide to the observations and beliefs of great philosophers through history, the book also attempts a simple definition of success.

Spoiler alert - here is Morris's definition (as paraphrased by me):

"You are truly successful when you are doing what you love to do, when you love to do it, with the people that you love doing it with."

It has been a litmus test that I've used many times in my life - and when I've ignored it (usually for the sake of "marble and gold"), I've ended up always miserable and often broke.

What are you doing this week?

When are you doing it?

With whom?

If, this Monday morning, you are looking forward to the next 5 or more days - then get started.

"Kick ass, be kind, repeat."

If you aren't loving it - make the change.

Life really is too short.

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