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Here's what my clients are telling me this week:


Standards are slipping as team members become either exhausted, frustrated or blasé.

“Sloppy SOP” is my key phrase this week - vigilance is required and a firm hand - closure is no fun, especially as Government financial support weakens.

I have two clients closed due to Covid.

Time management and balance

We are in the Eisenhower Matrix and stuck in Quadrant 1 (urgent and important) - me too - last week was a whirlwind and my business coach had to keep my feet in the fire on important Quadrant 2 (important but not urgent) planning issues - it was painful but worth it.

We all have to look at the next 90 days and do some serious diary zoning, then look at 2021 and do some equally serious thinking.

Whilst it seems our focus every day is to work IN the business, we have to allocate (invest) time to work ON the business take adequate time OUT of the business to rest and recuperate.

New teams

New teams are forming in two ways:

  1. the continued categorisation of those who are "on" or "off" the bus;

  2. the recruitment of additional support.

In particular, I'm advising clients every week on the recruitment of new Business Development Managers, Marketing managers and TCOs.

The last week has confirmed (if there were any doubt) that our Covid adaptations are going to be in place for a very long time.

As we approach the end of Q3, the challenge is to rise above the uncertainties and become the very best version of ourselves as leaders and managers.

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