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Too busy for marketing?

Back in the 80's I did my basic sales training in financial services and I can well remember a famous cartoon, showing a machine gun salesman trying to get the attention of a medieval knight about to go in to battle:

"Don't bother me now, can't you see there's a war going on?"

The metaphor was obvious - that sometimes customers imagine they are too busy to listen to your sales pitch, even though what you are selling would benefit them hugely.

Perception is, of course, reality.

I have a concern right now that many dentists are busier than ever, catching up with the backlog of unmet patient needs following lockdown.

The perception is that the current demand for treatment is going to continue permanently - so they don't have to spend as much time on marketing as they used to.

This is potentially very dangerous.

"You don't dig a well when the drought starts, you dig a well when it's raining."

Its raining patients at the moment - it's time to dig your well.

I know that you and your team are busy - but a few minutes a day on internal marketing (word of mouth, digital recommendation, your end of treatment review) are an essential investment in your future.

We are entering the deepest recession since records began in 1955.

When it stops raining patients - will you be ready?

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