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To the Kingbridge Centre

Sandra de Freitas arrived right on time at the Hilton this morning and, as we drove North from Toronto, she shared with me some thoughts about how her business has evolved – and also her impending vacation in South Africa, which sounds like a trip of a lifetime. I reflected on the progress that Sandra has made since she first arrived at one of my coaching Intensives about 2 years ago, as a guest of Jill Binder. Now, well on the way to a thriving practice, she has built a good reputation for herself as the Tech Coach for Coaches locally – and, in my view, has the opportunity to go international. As we stopped for a coffee en-route, we giggled at her choice of number plate – a random purchase that suits her style well!

On arrival at The Kingbridge, the reality lives up to the web site expectations – it’s a superb location and facility, the food at lunch was stunning, my room is lovely and the free conference and internet facilities are wonderful. I suspect that with three meals a day (all inclusive) the Intensive will stretch my pants as well as my intellect. This afternoon we established our individual goals for the next three days and reviewed events since we last met, 180 days ago. There then followed a good conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of our marketing funnels – of which more tomorrow as we filled three flip chart pages and I want to go down early and review them.

For now, I’ve had a quick soak in the bath and will head down to the bar in a moment. Early night tonight though.

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