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Thursday at 6.00am

Here we go again – last workshop this week in Leeds. It has been an amazing week – very, very tiring but amazing. 1. Launched APG 2005 to the 2004 Oxford group on Monday (full of trepidation – will they like it?) and they loved it; 2. Three very busy workshops in Bristol, Coventry and Leeds (today) – the Q4 workshop on marketing and balance has been extremely well received – as has the 2005 Dental Business School, APG and a small price increase for new clients in 2005; 3. We launched our first major e-programme – The Get Your Year in Gear Programme and the response has been overwhelmingly good in the first 48 hours; 4. Discussing some operational changes in the business and set to inform you in the day or two; 5. Introduced Dr Simon Hocken as a Dental Mentor Coach for 2005 – a giant leap for this committed solo-preneur – somebody coaching my mature clients next year, when I am not there! As always, none of this would be possible without the foundation of a good team. Jen and Tina in North America, looking after the clients and ensuring the smooth operation of “the back office” – Barbara on tour with me this week, driving endless miles across Britain and making sure that I am free to focus on delivery, while she fixes the poor customer service we endure at most hotels. I am falling a little behind with emails and will catch up over the next few days – more than ever, I am committed to finding myself a driver for 2005, so that instead of wasting time I can use the travel time to stay up to date. I consider myself very blessed this morning, with clients, team and friends. Hiyo Silver – away!

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