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Three questions

Questions to ask yourself when you are in overwhelm.

  1. Where am I going to find more time to think, focus and plan?

  2. How will I find more people to help me (delegate and outsource) and/or more help from the people I already know?

  3. Where will I find the money to pay for the time and the people?

The most common mistake is to suppose that the money comes from you generating more production from more selling hours – always a mistake. When you are in overwhelm, it’s essential that you change the order in which you do things to:

  1. Think

  2. Focus

  3. Plan

  4. Health & Fitness

  5. Significant relationships

  6. Family

  7. Passions

  8. Projects

  9. Meetings


  11. Administration

  12. Holidays and shopping

I know that in the past I’ve been guilty of solving overwhelm either by putting in more selling hours – or by shopping to temporarily relieve my stress. I also know that “planning the time to plan” is the real answer – more buffer time.

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