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Three Leadership Modes in 3 hours

I'm still in London this morning, heading for a face to face meeting with my business coach Rachel Turner, author of the Amazon best-selling book, "The Founder's Survival Guide."

I'll start the meeting as a Wise Monarch, discussing my overall strategy for 2023 and beyond and how best I can serve my clients.

I'll then share my thoughts as a Considered Architect, on the time, money, people and resources I'll need to fulfil my strategic objectives.

I'll end our meeting as a Brave Warrior, detailing, week by week, the tasks we'll need to complete in order to get 2023 off to a flying start.

I'll be asking Rachel to help me dial up all three leadership modes in three hours - because, sometimes, that's what we need to do.

Today's meeting will complete a week in which I've spent 4 days working ON my business and I'm already feeling positive and motivated about the future - Rachel will help me with the final refinements of my strategy and tactics.

We will start our 2023 marketing on Monday (I'm looking for some new members for The Extreme Business 100 community) and, over the next 10 days, I'll be sharing our 2023 workshop agendas and other development plans with our members.

Together, and in strength, we will face our challenges with confidence.

I love meeting my coach.

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