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The Two Reds Podcast - Overcoming Cancer, Covid and Fear Itself with Jessica Richards

13 years ago Jessica Richards was told that her cancer would give her a below average chance of survival beyond 5 years with surgery, radiation and medication. She refused all and is here to tell her tale.

Jessica is a Personal Transformation and Leadership Development Specialist who has had a practice in Harley Street since 1991.

Her work reaches beyond healing, helping people gain creative insights into their purpose, direction and meaning in life.

She is particularly committed to helping people find their leadership potential and to helping leaders go further and deeper in their lives and work.

Jessica has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1985 using her unique and highly effective ‘Changing the Groundhog Day’ process, which identifies and resolves self limiting beliefs and is life changing.

Her work reaches beyond resolution, helping people gain creative insights into their purpose, direction and meaning in life.

In this podcast you will discover,

  • What is groundhog day and the impact it can have on your personal and business life

  • The impact that self limiting beliefs can have on you and how to resolve them

  • How it is that, when you devalue yourself it impacts not just yourself, but your patients

  • The importance of making decisions based on facts and not at 3AM in the morning

  • Practical advice to get through COVID

  • How to reduce stress and worry in our lives

  • And how we should feel privileged to have lived through these extraordinary times

Listen now on your favourite podcast player or below.

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