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The power of the SWOT analysis - taking a fresh look at an old idea

We spend so much of our time fascinated by new ideas (and frightened of missing out on one) that we sometime overlook tried and tested ways to personally and professionally develop.

SWOT analysis was invented in the 1960s by a management consultant named Albert Humphrey at the Stanford Research Institute.

Back in the day, of course, the height of tech savviness would probably have been a chalk on blackboard.

Here we now are, with a bazillion cloud-based self-help applications.

Pause for a moment and consider the benefits to you (and your team) of a session in which you go back to this historic method of self-analysis.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing business team and systems - and consider the opportunities you enjoy and the threats you face, both internally and externally.

To help you with that - we have created a simple resource, on online SWOT form - without charge or obligation.

You can either:

  1. complete your own SWOT online and have a copy mailed to you or

  2. complete a team SWOT in-person or on Zoom and have a designated team member transfer the results to our online form so that you have a permanent record

Enjoy - the link is below:

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