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The Perfect Imperfectionist – Step 3 of 11

You have heard me rattle on about this before – and today again – you are as good as the support team you build around you: Professional (external):

  1. Accountant

  2. Book-keeper

  3. Bank manager

  4. Commercial lawyer

  5. Business coach (!)

  6. Independent fee-based financial planner

  7. Branding, marketing and social media consultants

  8. Web master

  9. HR consultant

  10. Compliance consultant

  11. Ad hoc trainers as needs dictate

  12. Suppliers

Professional (internal):

  1. Business manager

  2. Clinic manager

  3. Welcome team manager

  4. Treatment Co-ordinator

and for the larger practice:

  1. Marketing manager

  2. CRM manager (customer relationship management)

  3. HR manager

  4. Financial manager


  1. Cleaner

  2. Gardener

  3. Handyman

  4. Nanny

  5. Personal concierge or virtual assistant

  6. Personal trainer

Ask yourself a golden question, time and time again, in both your professional and personal life: NO – “how does this work?” YES – “who do I know who knows how this works?” There are no prizes for doing £10 or £25 an hour work when you generate £300 an hour at your own unique ability. You should be either:

  1. generating £300 an hour

  2. planning to generate £300 an hour or

  3. taking time off to recharge

Taking time off to do £25 an hour work is really dumb UNLESS you get a buzz out of mowing the lawn or ironing (and 20% of the time we do! I love watching Man United on TV whilst ironing shirts). I invest many hours and pounds in my support team – they make me look good and make my “down time” a real pleasure – no homework 80% of the time. What do I never delegate?

  1. Personal financial management

  2. Creating slide shows (love it)

  3. And my unique abilities

  4. speaking

  5. coaching

  6. writing

After that, I’m searching for someone to do the work. The good news? There are PLENTY of talented people willing to do the other stuff. A final thought on choosing your support team. Follow your heart – I always have a three point test:

  1. do I trust them?

  2. do I respect them?

  3. do I like them?

have used this for years with all comers – clients, suppliers, partners even friends. Every time I didn’t listen to myself – mess up. Now I listen.

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