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The One-Page 2024 Impact Plan

Sometimes it can be a good idea to get your plans down on one side of one sheet of A4 paper.

Later this week we begin our latest round of regional workshops in Belfast and, after hosting Michael Bentley's Reception Masterclass on Thursday, I'll be meeting with Owners on Friday for a day of live conversation, community and coaching.

This Friday I'll be sharing the attached "one-page business plan" and asking all to complete, present to the group and take feedback on their plans.

There's nothing better than a gathering of like-minds in a supportive environment for:

  • Vision and insight

  • Constructive feedback

  • Advice and counsel

  • Critical analysis

  • Support and encouragement

  • Crisis or failure control plans

  • A solid role model

  • Self-confidence and stronger self-esteem

  • A safe area to discuss ideas and options

I cannot share the community experience with you here - you have to be there to understand the benefit - but I can share the one-page business plan.

Take a break some time and complete this - and see what it tells you about your focus for the next 90 days.

The One-Page 2024 Impact Plan
Download PDF • 123KB

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