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The growth in e-learning for dental teams

When we established The Extreme Business Academy as an e-learning platform in April last year, my expectation was that membership would grow slowly and organically, that word would spread slowly and that members would equally slowly build up their hours of vCPD.

The graph above shows what happened to the end of February.

We have learned a lot from the first 11 months:

  • That Principals find it very difficult to find the time to sit down and watch our tutorials, courses, interviews and webinars.

  • That Managers are more likely to make the time.

  • That TCOs and Marketing Managers make the most.

  • That teams enjoy the content for "lunch and learn" sessions that don't take them away from home or eat into personal/billable time;

  • That new team members (and their Employers/Managers) are finding this an invaluable resource to get "up to speed".

We are also listening very carefully to membership feedback in designing future content.

I genuinely do believe that, at £25 pcm or £250 pa PER PRACTICE (or the equivalent in your own currency overseas) this represents the most fantastic value for money.

Last night we were engrossed for an hour listening to Dr. Guy Deeming from Queensway Orthodontics describe how he has increased his annual case-load from 200 to 400 Invisalign patients with ZERO increase in work rate, using Dental Monitoring. The Academy members who were not able to join the call live will have a streaming version in the next couple of days.

A look at our back catalogue reveals a huge and growing knowledge bank for every practice that wants to stay at the head of the adoption cycle.

E-learning, in these times of expensive and possibly unwelcome travel, is a superbly effective way to ensure that you and your team are always on point.

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