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The four "needs" that block our progress

On our monthly bridge call last night, I was asked this question:

“Chris – it takes you a year to deliver your coaching programme – but if you only had one minute to pass on some advice, what would be the things I have to get THE MOST right if I am to succeed?”

Great focusing question.

Here is the answer:

  1. Clients do not set aside enough TIME to work on personal, professional and business development;

  2. Clients do not have a clear and compelling VISION of where they want to be in the future;

  3. Clients do not have enough MONEY to build the vision – they are always undercapitalised (in my niche market);

  4. Clients do not have enough PEOPLE around them, to whom they can either outsource or delegate.

If you have enough of these commodities, your success is assured.

If you have too little – then, just like the rest of us, you are too busy making a living to make any progress.

  1. Always in a rush and overwhelmed;

  2. Always working to get to the end of the week intact;

  3. Always short of cash flow;

  4. Always doing it yourself or seeing it done badly by others.

And that has described many clients down to a tee.

In my own case – I have sorted the people and outsource or delegate to an excellent team.

I also have a compelling vision.

But I’m always short of time and money.

So if the coach has this problem – are we all doomed?

No – because the coach is doing something about it.

Watch me.

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