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The first 12 weeks

One thing is for sure - interviews do not guarantee successful recruitment, whether it's clinical or non-clinical team members, self-employed or employed.

Experience has demonstrated that you can:

  • Sort through multiple CVs to create a short-list;

  • Ask candidates to send a short video introducing themselves (that sorts the wheat from the chaff);

  • Request a psychometric test;

  • In the case of clinical recruitment, ask to see their work and give them a test case to treatment plan;

  • Again, in the case of clinical recruitment, expect some evidence of their level of production;

  • Meet face to face for a first interview;

  • Ask your business coach to attend a second interview on Zoom;

  • Invite the finalist(s) to attend for a work experience;

  • Onboard them properly when they arrive.


You will still discover whether you have made the right choice or not - about 12 weeks in.

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