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The Female Principal blog series part 12: What matters most?

What matters most? Normally, at this point, there would be a heart-rending plea that health and happiness are more important than business success. It’s true – but unfortunately only for the normal people out there. We X-Men and X-Women are cursed. We are called to quest. For us – what matters most is BALANCE. When the balance is right we can be:

  1. a healthy self

  2. wife/husband/life-partner

  3. business owner

  4. friend

  5. confidant(e)

  6. coach/dentist

  7. cook

  8. driver

  9. ATM

  10. child

  11. sibling

  12. employer

  13. client/customer

  14. shoulder to cry on

  15. sounding board

  16. laundrette

and you know what? At the end of days we will say: “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really… I was alive” *An excerpt from The Female Principal manuscript by Chris Barrow – to be published as an ebook later in 2014

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