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The Female Principal blog series part 10: People

People There never will be enough – so make sure you use what you have sensibly. You might think from the comments above that I regard “everyone else” as an enemy. Not so – I have worked with many women in business who have been assisted by a loyal team of wonderful men and women. The Corporate Americans have a saying that “it’s not the people that you fire who drag you down – it’s the people who you don’t fire.” So my people tactics are very simple:

  1. Realise that 80% of your time should be invested in your unique abilities and 20% leading your managers

  2. Delegate EVERYTHING that is not your unique ability (remember Mrs. Doubtfire)

  3. Pay the best wages for the best people in your management team

  4. Tolerate NOTHING about other people’s performance and behaviour – get rid

  5. Recognise that there are no prizes for doing everything yourself

  6. Meet with your managers weekly for Personal Progress Interviews (PPI’s) and quarterly with your team

  7. Meet with your business coach monthly to review progress,

  8. Hire a personal coach once a year for a reality check

  9. Meet with one or more of your soul-mates every quarter

  10. Delegate, delegate, delegate to internal and external teams.

*An excerpt from The Female Principal manuscript by Chris Barrow – to be published as an ebook later in 2014

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