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The Extreme Business Regeneration Programme

Get Ready for the New Normal

A very good Monday morning as we enter week 2 of UK lockdown and begin this whirlwind of a journey again.

When this is over, there will be no going back to the old normal - so we must prepare for the new world into which we will emerge.

In a Facebook Live broadcast yesterday, my friend Australian dentist and coach David Moffet put it very well when he said that "it's time to stop consuming information and to start creating information".

It's time to stop reacting and to start responding. Time to stop following and to lead calmly.

It's time to regenerate.

The video embedded in this post explains in detail what I'm doing with a group of over 30 of my dental clients during the lockdown period - and we would love you to join us.

After the video, a written explanation of the key features of The Extreme Business Regeneration Programme. The benefits are simple - at a time when you have lots to think about:

  • a structured approach to maintaining communication with your patients, your team, your clinicians and your family

  • a community of people just like you, sharing their experience, challenges and ideas

  • Oh - and by the way - me as your coach, watching your progress, setting you goals, answering your questions and, ultimately, celebrating as we conquer the new normal.

Make no mistake, I’m continuing to offer free support to the dental profession as a whole:

Free for everyone in dentistry

  • This blog

  • The 13:00 Daily Briefing

  • The Thursday evening Business Confidence Forum with our panel of experts

  • The Extreme Business Academy Facebook Page

  • three-month free access to the complete back catalogue in The Extreme Business Academy

  • weekly Two Reds podcasts with Ashley Latter and guests

Additional fee-based lockdown coaching

I’ve put together a lockdown coaching programme for a group of my active clients. They are all independent practice owners, just like you, of all shapes and sizes, from single-handed Principals to micro-corporate, from recent start ups to established, from general practice to ortho and specialist referral.

We are all in this together.

The Regeneration Programme will run for an initial period of 12 weeks (subject to review in line with lockdown and return to work).

For your patients

  • a generic patient newsletter once a month that will contain.....

    • continued oral health education during lockdown

    • general physical well being advice

    • good mental health advice

    • regular posts on getting back to their work (and back to your dentistry) after the all-clear

For your team

  • a weekly vCPD tutorial (from me and my guests) that will contain

    • continued physical and mental health advice

    • updates on the overall dental landscape

    • retraining on all aspects of good practice after the all-clear

      • telephony retraining

      • patient journey retraining

      • TCO retraining

    • re-training on how to regenerate your marketing in what will become the new normal (it is my belief that effective marketing will change)

For your associates, therapists and hygienists

  • a direct helpline to me for advice, coaching and a listening ear on

    • financial wellbeing during the lockdown

    • personal coaching

For you as business owners

  • on-demand access to me via email, and video call whenever you need a listening ear, a second opinion or a sounding board

  • our unique "weekly tracker" automated reporting system

  • Early evening client-only group Zoom calls three times a week - Monday/Wednesday/Friday (with a occasional guest)

Your investment

Recognising that we are all Extreme Cash Flowing at present, I've kept this low enough to be manageable, whilst reflecting that I, too, have a business to maintain.

A flat rate fee per dental business of £250 per month plus VAT.

To register go HERE.

Join a community of innovators, entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers who are going to create the new normal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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