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The Excuses

The reasons why associates tell you that they don’t sell much private dentistry:


I only ever do what is clinically necessary

The patients cannot afford it around here

They can get the same thing cheaper down the road

I don’t feel confident doing that treatment

It isn’t ethical to reduce teeth – I prefer preventative dentistry

I don’t want to pay a higher lab bill

The patient doesn’t want to go ahead for financial reasons – they cannot afford it

We offered it and the patient said “no”

The real reasons:


  1. I don’t have the clinical confidence

  2. I don’t have the communication skills

  3. I’m scared of asking for money and being rejected.


  1. I don’t see why I should line your pockets

  2. I don’t believe in private dentistry

  3. I’m comfy and I don’t want to step out of my comfort zone

How to deal with aptitude…… Training, consulting, coaching and mentoring (in that order). How to deal with attitude…… Replacement.

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