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The difference between Delivery and Development – and why it matters for 2020

The Beginner’s Guide to Development

There are two activities in your business:

  1. Delivery

  2. Development

It’s all too easy to get lost in the Delivery and leave yourself inadequate time to do the Development.

Delivery has the attraction of generating cash flow today.

Positive cash flow is essential for peace of mind; for a calm that is attractive to your team and your patients.

Development creates cash flow tomorrow. Future profit.

Development requires space – to think, to research, to discuss and to plan.

Development requires the calm that comes from positive cash flow; space and the patience to see ideas germinate and grow.

I advise my clients to allocate 4 days a week to Delivery and 1 day per week to Development.

If you cannot hit your production targets in 4 days a week, you need to rethink your Delivery.

The 1 day a week you have for Development can become an oasis, a pause from the noise, a chance for good conversations with your suppliers, team, peers and time for yourself.

The Advanced Development Programme

This year I’m taking 10 weeks off the road, purely for Development (in addition to my 1 day per normal week).

Reversing the polarity, this week I have enjoyed 4 days of Development and 1 day of Delivery.

The 4 days of Development are blissful.

Deep thinking about where I want the business to go next and deep work on the development of online courses.

What do you need to do?

It’s about calendar management.

In June last year I planned my 2019 calendar and allocated the Delivery and Development days.

My 2020 wall planner arrived this week and I’ll be planning my future calendar development day for a lot sooner this year.

The sooner you take control of your calendar, the better.

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