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The complete guide to dental receptionist telephone training

The majority of dental receptionists are doing their best - in the absence of a system.

A recent national exercise in mystery shopping 242 independently-owned practices revealed the following alarming results:

  1. 11% failed to give the name of the practice

  2. 41% failed to give the name of the person answering

  3. 62% failed to offer to send any information

  4. 76% failed to give basic information to the patient

  5. 78% failed to offer an appointment

  6. 80% failed to ask any questions of the patient

  7. 82% failed to provide quality information

I’ve shared those sobering numbers with clients for the last two years, most of whom respond with “well my team are better than that." Even if that were so (and I don’t think it is), there is no doubt that the best businesses in the world leave nothing to chance, including how their phones are answered. In collaboration with our friends at Dental Business Masters, we have created a comprehensive training manual, suitable for beginners and as a refresher for existing team members. Including 14 individual scripts to respond to a variety of patient questions, as well as useful tips on technique, this training manual can replace hope with certainty - and increase your new patient numbers. The manual is available in print media format and has been designed to lay flat on a desk or table-top - as well as in digital format for reproduction and reference on the fly.

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