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The competitive advantage of owner-managed business

I'm only going to mention it one more time - 962 miles in 13 days with 47,500 feet of climbing. A pleasure from start to finish (even in the painful moments).

Sunday was mainly about stripping down and cleaning the bike and reorganising it for local riding. Also unpacking the panniers, and quite a few laundry loads.

Today I'm late with this blog, having spent the first three hours of the working day getting myself in gear and updating my personal finances after a three week holiday.

One of the tasks I have set myself over the days ahead is to go back and write reviews for the various B&B's that Sheila Scott and I used on the journey.

There will probably be one fairly poor review but most will be good to great, with both owners and teams going out of their way to make our stays as comfortable as possible.

As a former business hotel junkie, it has been nice to enjoy the very personal service delivered by owner-managed businesses.

From Jackie and Rob serving us breakfast at their own dining table in The White Cottage in Seisdon, Staffordshire, to the animated young team at The Townsend Hotel in Lockerbie - a reminder for us all that owner-managed is often better than corporate formula.

Worth reminding yourself and your team that your own owner-managed business can have that edge in the marketplace. Also that the customer/patient has the power to review.

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