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The Clean Sweep

A long time ago in a galaxy far away (well OK, the 90’s) I trained as a lifecoach with Coach University, founded by the personal drive and genius of the late, lamented Thomas Leonard. The inspiration for that training was me working as a client with a life coach and realising that she (Marlene Panet-Raymond) was facilitating a huge difference in my life. The first ever exercise Marlene had me complete (c.1996) was a Clean Sweep, created by Thomas and his team at CoachU. We made a copy back from all those years ago (although rebranded with 7connections livery). I encourage you to download and compete this self-evaluation (its free – no email required, no salesman will call). A tip – if the statement can never be true about you i.e. I regularly tell my parents I love them (they are both deceased) – that counts as a tick. I like the way I have my hair – well I have none – but that counts as a tick. My first ever Clean Sweep score was mid-40’s (out of a possible 100). Marlene challenged me to improve my score to 80/100. It took me 3 years to get there, with her direction and mentoring. Staying there was, ultimately, a lot easier than getting there (isn’t that the case with most things?). I’ll be using the Clean Sweep with the 3 teams from a dental micro-corporate tomorrow. Their individual scores are actually none of my business. What I will be asking them to do is take a look in the mirror before we start a day on customer service in independent private dentistry. The quality and success of everything we do, at home or at work, depends on our level of self-confidence. So I thought I had better score myself (for the first time in years I hasten to add). My score today, on 9th September 2015 (my 62nd birthday), is 68. I know where the gaps are and I know what to do about it. I want my Clean Sweep score to be back at 80 by my 65th birthday. I’m starting that process today. It is never too late to sweep clean and start again. Tomorrow I’ll share with you the secret of how to get that journey started.

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