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The Christie & Co Dental Market Review 2022

I’m frequently contacted by people who have products and services of relevance to my clients. For over 25+ years I have maintained a policy that I do not accept introducers fees or commissions – I simply broadcast and comment on good ideas.

This review has established itself as one of the most important, informative and useful documents of the year.

Yes, of course, Christie & Co are promoting their services - but along the way they share valuable insights into the dental landscape, the growth of corporate dentistry and present day goodwill valuations.

Essential reading.

Paul Graham, Head of Dental at Christie & Co kindly sent me the link last night and commented:

"Twelve months have whizzed by since you kindly circulated our 2021 Dental Review on your platform, and I hope this made for an interesting topic of discussion with your clients.

A lot has changed in the market in such a short period of time, and I am pleased to share with you those trends/findings in our latest Dental Market Review. There are also a number of case studies included about group sales that we have transacted that I thought may be of particular interest.

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