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The Challenge of Gaining Attention: Why You Are Seeing White Space and a Slow Down in New Patient Enquiries

"We are seeing white space in the associates' diaries and a slow-down in new patient enquiries."

I've heard that more than once in the last few weeks.

What is going on?

Associate White Space - Explanation:

  • Patient arrives in surgery;

  • Patient sits in chair;

  • Associate looks in patient's mouth;

  • Associate asks patient - "any problems since the last time?"

  • Patient answers - "no";

  • Associate completes check up;

  • Patient leaves surgery.

What is missing from this scenario?

  • A smile wish list;

  • An intraoral scan;

  • A conversation;

  • Engagement with the patient and empathetic listening.

Slow down in new patient enquiries - Explanation:

  • The General Election;

  • The Euros;

  • The Olympics;

  • The F1 Grand Prix season;

  • The Tour de France;

  • Wimbledon:

  • Cricket, Rugby, Golf and any other sporting event this summer;

  • Glastonbury;

  • Any other music festival or open air concert;

  • Royal County Shows;

  • Regattas;

  • Summer Family Holidays and Adventures;

  • Family celebrations;

  • BBQs and Hot Tubs.

What is missing from this scenario for the Summer?

  • Your brilliant internal and inbound marketing;

  • Adding value to your offer.

Your patients are experiencing a summer of interruption marketing on an unprecedented scale - many other organisations want their attention.

How are you going to solve the associate white space problem by deploying effective treatment coordinators?

What are you going to do to regain the attention of potential new patients with excellent marketing??

We will be discussing the problems and their solutions at our Summer client workshops in The Extreme Business 100 programme.

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Jun 12

A smile wish list ? When the patient says no all is OK, surely they'd say if they had smile issues . Why this manipulative behaviour ?

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