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The CB Masterclass

Wednesday was a day with a difference. I’ve been coaching David & Brenda Nelson at Cranmore Dental in Belfast since a few months before they opened their award-winning new practice, just off the Lisburn Road. It is gorgeous and can justifiably be called a centre of excellence in Northern Ireland. (Incidentally I was tickled pink when the blog-reading Front Desk team greeted me as a Diamond VIP member of the practice – lol) As a pre-Christmas present to their referring GDP’s, Cranmore offered a “Masterclass with CB” – a day of informal business coaching – literally Q&A in the training suite – off the cuff – a favourite of mine. So I sat there with my Macbook Air hooked up to the AV system and we either chatted about answers to the GDP’s questions or looked at examples on the web. Subjects covered yesterday included:

  1. 2012/13 marketing ideas for new patients

  2. How to charge associates for use of Cerec

  3. Associate profitability and how to negotiate new agreements

  4. The basis of practice valuations

  5. Dental profit centres for 2013

  6. The effect of direct access

  7. A complete (and tough loving) review of each practice’s existing web site and social media

We also managed some 30-minute 1:1’s with the attendees. I had a blast – answering questions live and uncut and having a few laughs along the way. Seemed to me like a great idea for a referral practice to say a “thank you” to their GDP’s for support and loyalty – and a great way for me to invest some relaxed time in getting to know potential clients for the future.

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