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The call-in day

Once a month I spend the day in 15-minute phone calls with my clients. They book in via an on-line appointment scheduler and I call them at the appointed time. Once the clients have been working with me for a while they “get it” that there is value in sending an email a day or so before the call, highlighting the topics they want to discuss. I always emerge from these days energised by the conversations – and informed by the topics covered. My clients are my R&D team – the questions they ask and stories they tell give me a clear insight into what’s “hot to trot” in the marketplace. Yesterday I was asked:

  1. to explain how a new-business “pipeline” works

  2. to explain the Kolbe assessment system

  3. to help with an associate who is struggling to attract new patients

  4. to calm a principal who feels it necessary to micro-manage her team

  5. to advise a principal who is emigrating to Australia on a smooth hand-over of patients to her successor

  6. to review hygienist profitability

  7. to advise on managing branch practices effectively

  8. to forward a job specification for a business manager

  9. to help with the marketing plan

  10. to discuss how to remotivate a team of care nurses

  11. to offer an opinion on incorporation

  12. to review a marketing plan

  13. to suggest a contract for an in-house masseuse

  14. to encourage a principal to replace an assistant

  15. to calm down a principal in overwhelm

  16. to suggest some verbal skills training

  17. to congratulate a principal for taking a holiday!

  18. to advise on the implementation of new software

And the encouraging aspect of all that was the absence of any negativity – nobody moaning about their “poor me” problems – just positive, focused people, attempting to build better businesses and lives. After a day of calls I’m usually stir-crazy – and so a long walk on the beach was the next agenda item – and as I watched the sun go down I reflected on a very good day.

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