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The Business Confidence Forum - Live TODAY!

The Business Confidence Forum panelists will be live at the BDIA Dental Showcase at 15:45 today.

Our first ever Thursday evening webinar was 19th March 2020 - a few days before lockdown as we anticipated (and yet underestimated) the chaos that was to follow.

Three years ago - and what a different world we all now inhabit.

Like me, you will remember the Facebook Live lunchtime broadcasts, interviewing the "great and the good" and our Thursday 2-hour sessions (with a break at 8 to clap on our doorsteps for the NHS).

So many people have shared with me that the broadcasts were a lifeline in a period of anxiety and isolation.

I remain eternally grateful to the guests at lunchtime and the long-serving panelists who have given so much of their time and shared their knowledge and good humour in answering your questions.

If you are at The Showcase today, it would be lovely to have your support for our session - and your questions!

We will be in The Business Theatre and I'll be trying to maintain control of:

  • Simon Thackeray, Clinical Director, Thackeray Dental Care;

  • Sarah Buxton, Director & Solicitor, FTA Law;

  • David McEwan, Corporate Lawyer, Schofield Sweeney LLP;

  • Richard Crook, Director & Dental Broker, Senovo Health;

  • Mark Topley, CEO, Purpose Driven Business;

  • Lisa Bainham, President, ADAM;

  • Corinne Clarke, Dental Hygienist;

  • Jonny Minford, Specialist Dental Accountant, Minfords.

If there isn't enough expertise there to help you with every aspect of your business - well - I don't know where else you could look!

If you cannot attend but have a question - please email this morning.

Let's end the first conference day with a bang and a few laughs - please do come and see us.

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