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The BUPA sales - golden geese or dead ducks?

Over the weekend I’ve been getting messages and emails from both clients and the wider dental landscape, asking my opinion on individual practices for sale in “Project Compline” - the Christie & Co campaign to sell the BUPA failures.

I'll be discussing this at my client-only weekly webinar tomorrow evening at 20:00

As mentioned in our WhatsApp Owners Group on Sunday morning, I’ve asked some industry experts (as well as experienced practitioners) to join us for a full, frank and very private conversation about the viability of the BUPA offers.

At the time of writing, I have confirmation from Richard Crook of Senovo Health and Mark Simic from Simpkins Edwards that they will join us - I’m waiting to see if Sarah Buxton can also attend - these three will cover valuations, tax and accountancy and HR implications.

One of my existing clients will also be sharing his experience of having bought previous corporate failures for £1.00 each.

Are these offers golden geese or dead ducks?

One of the benefits of being a member of The Extreme Business 100 is that we are agile, can react quickly to breaking news, get expert advice and share our collective thinking - strength in numbers.

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