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The best way to attract the right patients is still the best way

If a new patient is looking for a really good dentist:

  • how would they find you?

  • how would they know it's you?

If you're a dentist looking for really good patients:

  • how will you find them?

  • how will you know it's them?

Two things we learn from experience:

  • the best way for them to find you and to know it's you is through word of mouth or digital recommendation by a trusted friend,colleague or family member;

  • the best way for you to find them and to know it's them is to ask for those recommendations.

Pandemic or not, there are two fundamentally successful habits in business:

  • asking for reviews

  • asking for recommendations.

Are you asking?

I've noticed a lot of clients who have dropped the baton on this, citing "the pandemic" as the reason:

  • we are too busy;

  • we don't have the time or the people;

  • the patients don't want to help.

All of this is a narrative that we create to avoid stepping out of our comfort zone.

It is ALWAYS the right thing to ask for reviews and recommendations when the opportunity arises and the circumstances permit.

Don't let the Covid narrative get in the way of good, sound, long-term internal marketing, or you will come to regret it down the line.

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