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The Answer to delivering the best patient experience – from my laptop

I’ve recently (and admittedly for far too long) been spending time thinking about the patient experience. Those of you who know me, will know it’s a passion of mine. The clients we work with at 7connections are also passionate about it. All of them (and that’s not me being a tad biased) want their patients to experience the very best levels of service – not just in terms of dental treatment but also in their entire visit and all subsequent visits and connections with the practice. Our clients also all do it very well. Their clients love and rave about them. However, they all want to know how they can be even better. Which is where we get involved! I truly have the benefit of working with some excellent practice managers and their teams, so luckily for me my job is never that difficult. I am obsessed with the phone, systems and processes that make planning patient journeys even easier. At 7connections we work with front of house teams, develop TCO’s, create useful check lists, analyse data to improve the experience and motivate teams to work as teams. In our Mastermind and Twenty group meetings, we also lead leaders in their ambition and direction. But for some time I have known that there is something else. The service that our clients deliver are life-changing. Whether it is brides (and grooms) wanting a healthier, whiter smile in time for their wedding, replacing that embarrassing missing tooth or relieving that terrible pain, the services our clients offer are truly ‘magical’. With these fantastic services being delivered day in and day out, the patient is already the most important person at the practice, and is always at the heart of everything the practice do. And then, I realised the answer was right in front of me. Well within the laptop in front of me. Revealed by Carmine Gallo in his research into their retail stores, ‘Apple’ stands for: Approach Customers with a Personalised Warm Welcome Probe Politely to Understand All the Customers Needs Present a Solution for the Customer to Take Home Today Listen for and Resolve Any Issues and Concern End with a fond farewell. If you substitute the word ‘customer’ to ‘patient’ you also have the answer. Simple really. If you would like to integrate this into your practice and team, let us know! Get in touch by giving me a call 07825889394 or give me an email on

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