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That PCT saga continues…

Just a quick update on what has been happening – absolutely nowt!!! PCT are not returning our calls (we rang every day last week – PCT dental lead constantly ‘in meeting’ or ‘just stepped out of office’) – absolutely unbelievable way to run things! Anyway, they’ve got until Wednesday and then I’ll simply hand it over to the BDA;s legal dept (not that I am filled with hope that they will fare any better!). Â Â Â I’ve been reading the responses on the blog – nice to know people care enough to give their views/advice – so big thanks to them! I also had a good meeting about this with the staff. They are all for going on without an NHS contract at all. As S pointed out – any patients who want to be treated on the NHS have already gone. Those that are with the practice are there because they want good customer care and good dental treatment. We have also had a couple of calls from parents of patients concerned about the situation – apparently the PCT has put an article in the local paper about it!

and two days later….

PCT dental lead finally got back to us today! Basically, N (under advice from BDA legal) asked her where in the contract or NHS regulations it allows the termination of a contract in this manner. She was unable to answer and said it would take 2-3 weeks for her to find out!!!!!! We are stunned!! I am guessing that they haven’t actually checked whether they can legally do this (as I suspected from the start).
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