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Team training: re-imagined - The March newsletter from Extreme Business

It was two years ago that we began to imagine for the first time what it could be like if your non-clinical team training requirements could be met online.

In fact, the two years prior to that had been a frustrating search for an e-learning platform that could meet our needs. After many a blind alley I was beginning to wonder whether my thinking was too early for the technology.

A conversation with Jonny and Adam Rosen at the 2018 Showcase changed all that, when they told me about their new platform at ClickLMS and I knew in a heartbeat that my imagination had found a home.

In April 2019 we launched The Extreme Business Academy - at that time, an idea with no content, an intention that we could provide online training with automated verifiable CPD.

Read the full article and hear about our March 2021 Academy training content in our March newsletter HERE.

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