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Team training - re-imagined

It was two years ago that we began to imagine for the first time what it could be like if your non-clinical team training requirements could be met online.

In fact, the two years prior to that had been a frustrating search for an e-learning platform that could meet our needs. After many a blind alley I was beginning to wonder whether my thinking was too early for the technology.

A conversation with Jonny and Adam Rosen at the 2018 Showcase changed all that, when they told me about their new platform at ClickLMS and I knew in a heartbeat that my imagination had found a home.

In April 2019 we launched The Extreme Business Academy - at that time, an idea with no content, an intention that we could provide online training with automated verifiable CPD.

Then began the organic growth of our content - every month adding just a little bit more in the way of tutorials, interviews and webinars on topics relating to the business of dentistry.

Little did we know that, just 11 months later, the world would turn on its axis and travel to training would become impossible.

Many of you may recall that, in lockdown 1.0, we threw the gates of The Academy open and encouraged all of those forced to "stay at home" to access our platform free of charge - a great success.

Since then we have ploughed on with monthly content creation and, along the way, created some stand-alone lengthier courses - including extended guides to:

  • Marketing

  • Financial Analysis

  • The Patient Experience

  • Dental Plan Implementation

Everything we do in The Academy is designed to onboard complete beginners and also provide refresher training for existing team members.

Those who choose to become members of our growing coaching community, also have access to a series of comprehensive (and ongoing) Development Programmes for:

  • Practice Managers

  • Marketing Managers & TCOs;

  • Associates

and (coming soon) Front of House teams.

As we entered 2021, we recognised a problem.

The membership content of The Academy was (and is) growing so quickly that visitors were finding difficulty in navigating their way around. Imagine a University library full of books that were arranged by date of purchase, rather than by topic - tedious to navigate.

With that in mind, this week we have completed a total re-indexing of The Academy to make that navigation much easier.

To find your way around you can navigate in one of two ways - either by category or by job role.


  • Financial

  • Marketing

  • Patient Experience

  • Leadership & Management

  • Personal Development

  • Strategy

  • Digital Dentistry


Job Role:

  • Practice/Business Development Manager

  • Treatment Coordinator

  • Marketing Manager

  • Front of House

  • Associate

(Before you ask - we intend to add a Hygienist/Therapist category later this year).

Previously, any search could only be done by Academy members from inside the platform.

Now we have created a "shop window" of Academy courses that can be viewed by anybody, without making any financial commitment.

You can visit that shop window at the link below and have a good look around at what we have to offer (as well as accessing a bunch of free resources):

My vision for The Academy is unchanged - to create the world's most useful training platform for every non-clinical role in the business of dentistry.

Whether you are internally promoting, externally hiring or refreshing the training of existing team members, we see The Academy as a solution that provides automated vCPD, incredible value for money and avoids the time, expense and inconvenience of travel.

An individual can join The Academy for just £9.99 per calendar month (or £107 per annum).

Practices who join our full coaching programme at an all-inclusive £300 per calendar month, can enrol EVERY MEMBER OF THEIR TEAM, as well as all the other benefits enjoyed by our growing community of 130+ practices:

  • Unlimited email/Zoom coaching with me;

  • The Extreme Weekly Tracker - automated weekly reporting for owners and managers;

  • A weekly webinar for owners and managers;

  • Facebook and WhatsApp Groups for owners and managers;

  • The Extreme Business Buying group;

  • The Development Programmes (mentioned above);

  • Virtual Study Club webinars for your referring GDPs.

Take a moment to browse our brand new shop window - and consider the benefit of having team training taken off your "to do" list - every promotion or hire directed to a platform where their onboarding can be assured.

The Extreme Business Academy - team training re-imagined.

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