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T'was the week before RF (The Retail Festival)

and all the dental clients stopped answering mail, email and phone calls. Suppliers slowed down their deliveries. Every project was put “on hold” until after the holiday. “We’ll do it in January” became the mission statement for many businesses. However, I have a full week of work ahead of me before I take a 2-week break and I intend to use this time very productively. Today I have been on 1:1 telephone coaching calls and client bridge calls. Tomorrow a dental practice visit in Blackburn, followed by an afternoon meeting with an important Strategic Alliance partner. Then Thursday and Friday clearing the virtual decks and speaking to my team members. Friday night at 5.00pm I’ll finish – and start thinking about the “retail festival weekend” (we are no longer allowed to call it the C word at risk of upsetting non-Christians – although none of my non-Christian friends are the slightest bit bothered – that’s called political correctness and that’s why politicians are no use). It will soon be January…..and we can start thinking about Easter Eggs.

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