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Stuttering sales and white space

It's happening.

The benefit of working with 100 clients, travelling around the UK and Ireland, and staying alert to social media is that I get to spot trends (I know that you do also).

So the instances of the following are increasing:

  • New patient enquiries slowing down;

  • Proposed treatment not taken up;

  • Proposed treatment delayed;

  • White space.

Which has me reminding my clients of a point I made recently, that what's under attack here is discretionary spending, not savings or capital.

So the first response to this temporary downturn is to be very specific about who you are marketing to and what you are marketing.

The older the patient the better.

The more expensive the treatment the better.

Sounds counter-intuitive doesn't it?

But older patients have more savings and capital and they have more complex dental problems.

The second response is, of course, to get the pedal even more to the metal as far as your marketing is concerned.

However, (cue scratched record moment):

  • External (digital) advertising - primarily aimed at younger patients with discretionary income;

  • Internal and Inbound marketing - primarily aimed at older patients with savings and capital.

I know the agencies will roll their eyeballs - but now is not the time to be throwing money at advertising.

Now is the time to interrogate your oral health education, to ensure that you are the expert in your area - and to investigate your patient experience to ensure that you leave no stone unturned in seeking reviews, recommendations and testimonials.

This downturn in new business is a cycle - it will pass - but during the cycle you have to keep a very, very careful eye on your marketing.

p.s. if this isn't you - well done!

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