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I had a great dinner last night with Ashley Latter (who is in the middle of his 2-day ethical selling course in London) and some of his delegates, including a couple of good mates. Watching Manchester United get trashed wasn’t much fun – but the dinner over conversation and watching Manchester City get trashed later were adequate compensation. We talked about stress, why it happens and what to do about it. Stress occurs when we lose control of our own future. It may be the next few minutes, because a lift stopped between floors and the lights went out. The next few hours, because the motorway traffic came to an inexplicable halt. The next few days, because your best employee walked out. The next few years because you just split from your partner in life or business. The next few decades because you or a family member develop an illness. All of these are moments when you believe that you cannot influence your own future – and it leads some individuals to compulsive addictive disorders or, ultimately, the decision to bail out. You might at this point be wondering how much fun last night’s dinner really was…. ..but the reality is that when 6 of us around a table discuss the moments like that we have experienced in our lives (and still do), it helps. To know that you are not the only one – that you are not alone. So if you feel stressed today, or know someone who does, reach out, pause from the noise, place a hand on their shoulder, listen to them and explain that:

  1. they are not alone

  2. they are not a failure

  3. they are not broken

  4. there is a future

As inscribed on King David’s ring “all things pass”…

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